ESP is excited to launch the BrightStar Lease powered by Service Finance.

Turbocharge Your Solar Sales with the BrightStar Lease, Only available with the Quativa solar sales app. Click 'Get Started' to connect with your account manager.

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Solar Financing Simplified:
Introducing BrightStar Lease on Quativa, Powered by Service Finance and Truist Bank

The BrightStar Lease, an exclusive product in the solar market, is uniquely offered through Quativa and is backed by the financial expertise of Service Finance and Truist Bank.

Quativa serves as the exclusive platform for the innovative BrightStar Lease, designed to enhance solar solutions for both homeowners and solar sales installers.

Stable and secure solar project funding is made possible through Service Finance Company, a subsidiary of Truist Bank, which ranks as the 6th largest bank in the United States.

Easy Lease Process, Integrated by Quativa:

Leases with Quativa can be designed as quickly as a loan, featuring auto-calculations for battery adders, a straightforward solution for NEM 3.0 states, customizable branding, integrated BrightStar Lease application, and simple document signing, all delivered in as little as 5 minutes!

Competitive Pricing:

Low monthly payments for homeowners while maintaining sales margin integrity!

No Production-Based Clawbacks:

Eliminate the worry of chargebacks based on solar energy production.

50% Progress Pay Funding:

Fast and simple funding process with 50% funding advanced at M1.

Inclusive 25/25/25 Warranty:

Homeowners are covered with a comprehensive 25-year warranty for panels, inverters, and batteries.

Dependable Funding:

Powered by Service Finance, a subsidiary of Truist Bank.

Effortless Transfer:

Transfer lease to new homeowner without a credit check or fees.

Enjoy the Smoothest Sales Process in the Industry, Propelled by Quativa


Intuitive and easy to use sales app for solar teams

Designed specifically for solar teams, offering fast and accurate proposal generation so that teams can focuses solely on sales effectiveness to close more deals quickly and accurately.


Integrated lease calculations enhance proposal efficiency

The Quativa platform automatically processes calculations for batteries and integrates adders, simplifying your sales process while enhancing accuracy.


Integrates with our CRM for seamless project handoff

Quativa integrates with our CRM for efficient project handoff to your project management CRM. Quativa support ensures the project is complete and build-worthy for your team to get to work.

Get started with Quativa today to access the BrightStar Lease

With Quativa your sales team has every tool to sell solar like a pro


Built-in lead management recording details and status for every lead to automatically share information teams need to prospect a sales territory.


With integrated financing, users can effortlessly apply for the BrightStar lease, run credit, and get a decision in minutes; making the decision-making process clear, concise, and effective.

Project Handoff

Quativa connects solar projects directly into the installer’s CRM to seamlessly hand off projects for timely installations.

Equipment changes

Execute change orders on the fly. Change adder and equipment offerings quickly and in-real time.


Take control and design on the fly with Quativa’s integrated design tool. Make interactive changes in real time to wow homeowners.


Quativa’s proposal is best in class, web based for easy homeowner sharing and is sure to dazzle your customers.

Quativa provides you with a single solution to manage your sales teams

Manage teams and reps

With Quativa, you can effortlessly build, train, and manage both internal and external sales teams, ensuring they’re equipped with the tools and insights they need to excel. Onboard new dealers and partners quickly to make scaling your sales operations a breeze.

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Onboarding &

Quativa is committed to providing comprehensive training for you and your team, ensuring proficiency and readiness for selling solar using the app.

You're never alone in the home. Equipped with a live chat feature, guarantees real-time assistance and support during in-home sales consultations.


Is Proof of Income Required?

No, stated income only.

Can the lease be used on a 2nd Home?

Yes, proof of homeownership may be required.

Are Co-Signers allowed?

Yes, Co Applicants are welcomed and can increase likelihood of an approval.

What training resources are available on the Quativa app?

Quativa offers a comprehensive collection of instructional videos and detailed walkthroughs designed to help users master the Quativa app. This includes detailed instructional videos, featuring practical guides and tips. Additionally, the app is designed for ease of use, ensuring that even those without extensive technical knowledge can navigate it efficiently.

What is the onboarding process for new users of the Quativa app?

New users are guided through a simple, step-by-step procedure that includes setting up their organization's profile, personalizing pricing and proposal templates with their logo, and appointing a team leader who can onboard additional users. This process ensures a quick and efficient setup, allowing teams to start utilizing the app's features without delay.

How is pricing managed within the Quativa app?

In the Quativa app, installers have the flexibility to set Price-Per-Watt (PPW) guidelines for their sales teams, whether internal or external. This feature allows for the establishment of clear pricing boundaries, ensuring consistency in sales approaches and pricing strategies. Moreover, the app provides comprehensive visibility and reporting capabilities, enabling installers to effectively monitor and analyze their sales organization's pipeline. This level of oversight ensures that pricing strategies are aligned with business objectives and market trends.

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